Room-mockup for Midnight Tango by Matthew R. Paden.jpg

Why Do I Paint?


"I have always loved art — seeing it, learning about it, experiencing it, and creating it. Perhaps, it is the unbridled freedom in expressing, and questioning the often-chaotic world around me.


I paint because it feeds my soul when words fail, colors, and brash brush strokes upon a canvas convey an understanding at a deeper level. Doing something that I love, something that allows me to explore, and be in the moment, to experience the world in a fundamentally different way — is such a precious gift. 


I will always strive to create art that sparks conversation, captivates the senses, and most importantly, questions the value we place on the superficial. Over the course of my career, I hope to continue showing my work in galleries worldwide; however, I must state that fostering direct relationships with my collectors and giving back to the community is a strong priority."

- Matthew R. Paden